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Up cycled hand woven jacket

Luminous Jacket

Artikelnummer: PZ/19/C2/029
25.000,00₹ Standardpreis
Nicht verfügbar
  • An exclusive one off piece from the Medley Series. This is an Up cycled hand woven jacket made from scrap fabric. Cordinated with a floral embroidered up-cycled belt.


    The ‘Medley series’  has been uniquely created by upcycling waste discarded fabric collected from post production waste and waste fabric collected from various boutiques.

    The collection is envisioned to empower women and reduce waste. This waste fabric is cut & sewn to create tapes and hand woven into creating beautiful woven panels.

    This is done only by underprivileged women from rural areas of North India providing them
    employment which is otherwise difficult for them to find.

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